SEC Commissioner Roisman to Depart in January

Elad Roisman will end his term as SEC Commissioner in January 2022, according to a statement he released this week.  Roisman has served as Commissioner since September 2018 and also served as Acting Chairman in early 2020.  Roisman noted that serving the American people has been the greatest privilege of his professional life.

Elad, as he prefers to be called (over Commissioner), is highly regarded and respected as an experienced and knowledgeable leader.  He’s advanced the SEC’s mission in a thoughtful and prudent manner, focusing on the demands and challenges that exist today, while being mindful of history, trends, and future outcomes (both intended and unforeseen).  His approach to the job makes him feel less like a “regulator” and more like a listener and thinker who is focused on finding the optimal outcome, while understanding and respecting that differing policy views will exist.

Roisman’s voice and thoughtfulness will be missed by many within the agency and throughout the industry.